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About Us

Priya Pump Industries introduces as one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of submersible pumps in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Our Company is formed by a group of intelligent people who have gained experience while functioning with different clients with an engineering firm. The experienced gained by them is not only in the sales, but in the services of the Products as well.


The time from the inception of Priya Pump industries there have been developed a concept of satisfying and delighting our customer by offering the quality products as per need of clients, we have put our step in the field of manufacturing and supplying of submersible pumps.


The quality of our products and our genuine efforts in manufacturing and supplying are very well valued by our respected clients and as a result of which Priya Pump Industries have developed as well as grown to turn out to be one of the trusted company. We are one of the top, cherished and well known pumps manufacturing companies in Ahmadabad. Also, we are one of the best submersible pumps dealers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.


Priya Pump Industries has given good services and thus have continual growth, and also have gained a vast experience in the field of manufacturing, which has enable us to provide best known quality product and prompt after sales services with a reasonable price. Our pleased and happy clients have always recommended our product and that has given us satisfaction in work and also boosted our strengths. We are proud to share that there are numerous satisfied clients and they are giving orders to us and not going to any other place and this is only possible as the main reason is that we provide best quality.


Priya Pump Industries gives good quality products and even if for any circumstances there is any issue with the products or services then we are here to solve the issues in just mere 24 hours and we are known as best pumps manufacturing companies in Gujarat. Clients come to us never look for another option as we offer best products and services that make clients to repeat us and also new clients added every day.


We are providing best products to our clients and that includes domestic pumps, water pump and also submersible pumps and many more as per the need of the clients and we are one of the submersible pumps dealers that attracts maximum satisfied clients.


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